Ted Talks

The antidote to boring New Year’s resolutions

I’m most interested in New Year’s resolutions that allow me grow in more than just a business or work sense. I think if we solely concentrate on the work goals, which we are inundated with in January, we unbalance ourselves. Surely it’s better to work to a high level across all compartments of your life – home, social and work – instead of having a ‘super GPA’ simply in one compartment to the detriment of others. A rising ‘personal tide’ should life all your life’s boats if you will.

Ted Talks are the antidote to these boring New Year’s resolutions. I watched one from Neil Pasricha recently and it’s so touching and inspirational. His ‘American Dream’ fell apart suddenly and he struggled in life and decided to dig deep to find a way out. I won’t spoil it, you can see his Ted Talk here.

Neil created a blog of ‘1000 Awesome Things’  which are so trivial they are ‘awesome’ and has 50+ million blog hits. They are as simple as ‘#589 Making the first footprint in fresh snow’. He is basically challenging us to embrace the world like a 3 year, seeing it all for the first time all over again. There is magic in simplicity.

I’m struck, as is Neil, by how as adults we are supposed to be mature. Are we putting that pressure on ourselves, or society, or the workplace? He’s suggesting we treat one thing a day like you were a kid and be in awe of something / anything in order to regain some of the magic of wonderment.

What’s your 1 awesome thing today? Share your comments. Mine is posting this article instead of just considering writing it. If you have 17mins to spare you’ll smile at least once, I know it – http://on.ted.com/fzpQ. Or go to his blog here: http://1000awesomethings.com/