water meters

Water, Irish water, everywhere

This is one that has me torn. I truly believe we, Irish folks, should pay for water. Other utilities need to be paid for and no one is saying ‘why are we paying for electricity and gas?’ But in life it’s what people are used to and people, including me, don’t like change. So it’s hard to tell people to pay for something new.

My personal difficulty is with how long it’s taken to find out the costs. And then the real costs are going to be higher than we recently were told they would be. Don’t soften us up with a mistruth – just be honest. This site shows what will be the more realistic costs.

Others, like the Impact Trade Union, challenge the figures that we’ve been given to justify the cost of the roll-out.

And does Irish Water need 1,700 staff or 4,000 staff? Again we are being confused on the matter as now it seems it’s closer to 4,000.

But, there is some black humour in paying for water in Ireland. We do get rather a lot of rain. Time to go for some lunch now, get the umbrella out again and maybe shed some tears in the rain.


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